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Born from it, End from it

Born from It, End from It is a experimental model created for the purpose of exploring certain theories. Objects and spaces can be regarded as systems at different scales, such as soil, cloud layers, and the spaces we inhabit. Any object that traverses through a system will be influenced to some extent by the entire system. By focusing on and comparing its final state, we partially record the existence of this force. The presence of these forces ultimately constructs individual systems, while also creating boundaries that divide or erode another system.

Soil - a natural entity,

foam boards - a creation of humankind.

We have crafted our world, leaving our traces within this primordial realm. From the sky to the earth, it is a complete system, where all things circulate, combining in the heavens and separating on the ground. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that entropy is always increasing, and eventually, everything will move toward chaos.


What I wish to record are the imprints left by things within this system; that is the power of that system.


From it, all things are born, and from it, all things end.

Compost & Cosmos_SoSe23_UdK

Prof. Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Luiz Zanotello

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