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Look Back to the Other Side

"Looking Back to the Other Side" is an interactive installation that recreates the sense of separation and isolation of the pandemic era. The installation consists of a physical barrier that serves as a metaphor for the measures of social and physical alienation prevalent during the pandemic. The barrier is made of transparent acrylic panels that allow viewers to see through it, but the posters posted on it still create a sense of isolation.

Behind the installation is a camera device that captures the movements and actions of the viewer as they approach the barrier. As viewers approach the barrier, they see the resulting visual results, encouraging them to approach and break through the barrier.

The installation is designed to evoke curiosity and playfulness, while also reminding viewers of the challenges and obstacles they face in the pandemic era. By breaking through barriers, viewers are encouraged to reflect on the power of human connection and the importance of overcoming obstacles in order to build a stronger, more connected society."

Genius Loci_WiSe22/23_UdK

Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä

Luiz Zanotello

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